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Grading Results

Kickstar class assessment for new belts Sunday 4th June 2017, Valley Leisure Centre
Purple Stripe passes
Corey Millar
Logan Millar
Olivia Knocker
Lauren Knocker
Ben Boyd
Jack Boyde
David Boyde
Tiarnan Kelly
Ethan Kelly
Jamie  Davis
Sami Jo Davis
Adam Lee
Lucas Lee
Jenny Wu
Owen Wu
Orange Stripe passes
Julia Tesmar
Fabian Wozniak
Cole Montgomery
Kryspin Biernat
Fabian Biernat
Oliwier Cierpich
Summer Abbi
Joseph Campbell
Kyle Kirkham
Darin Wei
Megan Crutchley
Unfortunately some children did not perform to a required level in all areas.  This means they will need to catch up before being eligible to take the next assessment in early August 2017.   This August assessment will allow us to see who will be eligible to do the Association grading in September.