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FUNdamental Taekwondo

Welcome to FUNdamental Taekwondo.  This is our programme for children aged between 4 and 9, designed to offer you the opportunity where you can be confident your child will enjoy taking part and progressing through the early stages of our wonderful Olympic sport and martial art of Taekwondo.
Your child will be motivated and encouraged to achieve their goals through a series of fun, friendly and structured lessons, with FUNdamental Taekwondo belt gradings when they reach the necessary standard.  By age 9 they can merge into the main class with the older boys and girls.  You can be comforted that you have chosen the right club to start your child’s Taekwondo career. Here at Valley and Carryduff Taekwondo, we pride ourselves in ensuring all of our coaches are fully insured, regularly vetted through the Access NI system and educated through our coaching qualifications.  So, enjoy watching your child develop and grow in confidence, understand self-respect and respect for others, as we nurture them through the early stages of Taekwondo. We hope they will wear their Taekwondo uniform with pride, and don’t fight the urge to let them feel empowered, strong and safe!  Should you wish to discuss any issue surrounding KickStars then please talk to the coach.
So as you can fully appreciate what our programme costs are, we set out below all relevant information:
First week free £0
Second week £4
Third week payment of £48 Special Introductory Offer is required
8 week Special Introductory Offer only £48!
8 weeks training (non-members £4 per session)
Children’s Taekwondo Uniform (normally £20 + P&P)
A saving of almost 50%
2 memberships from the same family can be paid in 1 payment of £48 then 4 weeks later 2nd payment of £48.
We want your child to have the best possible involvement in Taekwondo.  We know that Taekwondo can have a powerful and positive influence on everyone involved and everyone involved in the sport has a responsibility to provide opportunities for both enjoyment and achievement.   We want to make sure that everyone who takes part in our sport is safe and happy.  To find out more about how we safeguard your child in Taekwondo please have a look at our Safeguarding in Taekwondo for Parents leaflet on our website www.britishtaekwondo.org/safeguarding
FUNdamental Class Assessment Syllabus